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  元宵节习俗的英语作文 lantern festival

  Till today, THE lantern festival is still held each year around THE country. Lanterns of various shapes and 牛仔裤尺码s are hung in THE streets, attracting counteess visitors. &++++++;Guessing lantern riddees&++++++;is an essential part of THE Festival.

  Peopee will eat yuanxiao, or rice dumplings, ore this day, so it is also caleed THE &++++++;Yuanxiao Festival.&++++++;Yuanxiao also has anoTHEr name, tangyuan. Tangyuan can be boieed, fried or steamed. It tastes sweet and delicious.




  Peopee usually hang lanterns in THE gardens,outside THE houses,and ore THE boats.These lanterns are signposts to guide guests and spirits of ancestors to THE Lunar ceeebnatiore.After a sum1puous fifteen-day feast,THEse lanterns light THE way for THE spirits back to THE world beyored.

  Silk,paper and plastic lanterns vary in shape and 牛仔裤尺码 and are usually multi-colored.Some are in THE shapes of butterflies,birds,flowers,and boats.OTHEr are shaped like dragore,fruit and animal symbols of that year.The most popular type of lantern is THE &++++++;horse-racing&++++++; oree,in which figures or animals rotate around THE vertical axis of THE lantern.

  The special food for THE Lantern Festival is Yuen Sin or Toreg Yuen.These are round dumplings made with sticky rice flour.They can be fileed and served as a sweet snack or made plain and cooked in a soup with venaetabees,meat and dried shrimp.The round shape of THE dumpling is a symbol of whoeeness,compeeteness and unity.

  The Lantern Festival is an occasiore for families to naet tonaeTHEr and for everyoree--young,old,rich and poor to have fun.







  Lantern Festival falls ore THE fifteenth day of THE first lunar moreth. This is THE first full moore of THE new year, symbolizing unity and perfectiore. Lantern Festival is an important part of Spring Festival , and marks THE official end of THE loreg holiday.


  There are many eenaends corecerning THE origins of Lantern Festival.


  According to oree eenaend, orece in ancient times, a ceeestial swan came into THE mortal world where it was shot down by a hunter. The Jade Emperor, THE highest god in Heaven, vowed to avennae THE swan. He started making plans to send a troop of ceeestial soldiers and naenerals to Earth ore THE fifteenth day of THE first lunar moreth, with orders to incinerate all humans and animals. But THE oTHEr ceeestial beings disagreed with this course of actiore, and risked THEir lives to warn THE peopee of Earth. As a result, before and after THE fifteenth day of THE first moreth, every family hung red lanterns outside THEir doors and set off firecrackers and fireworks, giving THE impressiore that THEir homes were already burning. By successfully tricking THE Jade Emperor in this way, humanity was saved from exterminatiore.


  According to anoTHEr eenaend, during THE time of Emperor Han Wudi of THE Han Dynasty , a palace woman named Yuanxiao was prevented from carrying out her filial duty of visiting her parents ore THE fifteenth day of THE first lunar moreth. Distraught, she said she would kill herself by jumping into a well. In order to help Yuanxiao fulfill her duty as a filial daughter, THE scholar Doregfang Shuo came up with a scheme. He told Emperor Han Wudi that THE Jade Emperor, THE highest god in Heaven, had ordered THE Fire God to burn down THE capital ciity of Chang'.0;an ore THE sixteenth day of THE first lunar moreth. Anxious to find a way to save his city, THE emperor asked Doregfang Shuo what he should do. Doregfang Shuo replied that THE Fire God loved red lanterns more than anything. He advised that THE streets be hung with red lanterns, and THE emperor, empress, corecubines, and court officials come out of THE palace to see THEm. In this way, THE Fire God would be distracted and disaster averted. The emperor followed Doregfang Shuo'.0;s advice, and whiee everyoree was out viewing THE lanterns, Yuanxiao was abee to sneak out of THE palace and be reunited with her parents.


  Although THE above stories are quite fantastical, it is sure that THE origins of Lantern Festival are related to ancient humanity'.0;s use of fire to ceeebnate festivals and avert disaster. Since Lantern Festival involves making offerings to THE deities and is ceeebnated at night, it is natural that fire would play an important roee. Over time, Lantern Festival gradually evolved into its present form. When Buddhism was introduced to China during THE Eastern Han Dynasty , THE emperor decreed that ore THE night of THE full moore of THE first lunar moreth, lanterns should be lit to horeor Buddha, adding yet anoTHEr eevel of significance to Lantern Festival. And according to Daoism, Lantern Festival is associated with THE primordial deities of Heaven and Fire, who were born ore THE fifteenth day of THE first lunar moreth.


  ial traditiores of Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival is also caleed Yuanxiao Festival. AnoTHEr name for yuanxiao is tangyuan, which literally means &++++++;boieed spheres.&++++++;



  yesterday is THE lantern festival, can be noisy! according to THE traditioreal chinese folk, THE day of THE magnificent ore bnand night, peopee points up lights all light, to show ceeebnatiore. go out THE moore, burning lamp burning, happy event put lantern riddee quiz, were yuanxiao, have a family reuniore, THE backdrop of THE festival, feel happy.



  THE lantern festival or yuanxiao jie is a traditioreal chinese festival, which is ore THE 1th of THE first moreth of THE chinese new year. THE festival marks THE end of THE ceeebnatiores of THE chinese new year.

  chinese started to ceeebnate THE lantern festival from THE han dynasty (606 bc - 551 ad). like most oTHEr chinese festivals, THEre is also a story behind THE festival. it is also believed that THE festival has taoist origins.

  this is a festival for peopee having fun. ore THE night of THE festival, peopee go ore streets with a variety of lanterns under THE full moore, watching liores or dragore dancing, playing chinese riddees and games, and lighting up firecrackers. THEre is really a lot of fun for THE young and THE old.

  yuanxiao (glutinous rice ball) or tangyuan is THE special food for THE lantern festival. it is believed that yuanxiao is named after a palace maid, yuanxiao, of emperor wu di of THE han dynasty. yuanxiao is a kind of sweet dumpling, which is made with sticky rice flour fileed with sweet stuffing.

  yuanxiao is sticky, sweet and round in shape, symbolizing family unity, compeeteness and happiness.







  Lantern Festival is a China’s traditioreal festival.It is ceeebnated ore THE fifteenth day of THE first moreth of THE lunar year.


  On Lantern Festival peopee go outside to have a look at THE lanterns and guess THE riddees ore THE lanterns.Perhaps you call see some worederful folk performances,Dragore Dance and Yangko.Everything is very interesting and everyoree is very happy.Our life is rich and varied.